Refugee Sponsorship

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CRWC is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) working in partnership with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

As a SAH, CRWC can work with sponsoring groups to help complete and submit applications to sponsor refugees who are overseas. We have been receiving a very large number of enquiries about refugee sponsorship since the Syrian Crisis response in September 2015.  Allocation caps limit the number of sponsorships SAHs can do annually. However, with the number of global refugees increasing each year, CRWC is committed to supporting Canada’s efforts to resettle refugees.

Due to a reduction in sponsorship spaces, Christie Refugee Welcome Centre will only be able to work with existing partners in 2018 – that is, groups with whom we already have 2018 sponsorships underway.We do not have the capacity to accept any more sponsorships for 2018. If you are hoping to sponsor someone who has been determined to be a refugee by the UNHCR or by the country of their current asylum, you can consider using the Group of Five or Community Sponsor programs. For more information on those programs, you may contact the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program:

Other helpful resources for understanding Refugee Sponsorship in Canada:

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