A place of welcome, safety, and support for refugees.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto just minutes from Christie/Bloor in the Annex, Christie Refugee Welcome Centre (CRWC) has provided emergency shelter and a warm welcome for refugee families from all ethnic, racial or religious backgrounds for more than three decades.

Approximately 300 homeless refugee claimants (100 families) from war-torn countries world-wide arrive at the Centre each year. At CRWC they receive the care, support and assistance they need to pursue their refugee claim and to reconstruct and begin their new lives in Canada.

Mission Statement

We are a Christian organization serving and advocating for refugee families by providing safe, temporary housing, initial settlement services, and follow-up support. We influence and engage the broader public through education and advocacy networks.

Core Values

Of Total Refugees Served




Children Under 12


Single Mother Households


World Vision Reception Centre was established in 1989 by its parent organization World Vision Canada. It was founded to welcome some of the 750 government-assisted refugees arriving in Toronto each year. For the first 10 years, the Centre partnered with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to provide temporary accommodation, essential services, orientation to life in Canada, and housing services to refugees fleeing war and political upheaval in such countries as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Colombia.

In 2001, it transitioned from working with government-assisted refugees (GARS) to serving refugee claimants in partnership with the City of Toronto.  Refugee claimants were the third highest category of homeless people on the cities’ streets.

In 2007, the Centre became an independent organization and was renamed Christie Refugee Welcome Centre.

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre - 43 Christie Street