The approaching holiday season is a time of great need for many and that includes the refugee families that live in our shelter who are spending their first Christmas in Canada. Our ‘Three Gifts’ initiative is a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and an encouragement to give to those most in need in our community as you count down the days to Christmas. Share this poster with your school, office, church, or community and please email us at to let us know if you will be participating in this winter drive for BRAND NEW/UNUSED items for refugee families!

Download the ‘Three Gifts’ hi-res 11×17 poster to print and distribute.

Advent Calendar Companion

 Our Advent Calendar Companion counts the days of December in anticipation of Christmas. It’s a great opportunity to shape generosity in your children and teach them about the deeper meaning of Christmas – giving, sharing and empathy. Use the companion with children at home, in your classroom, extracurricular teams, or church! More details on how to use the Calendar Companion in the guide linked below.

Download the ‘Advent Calendar Companion Guide’ to print and distribute.

Download the ‘Advent Calendar Companion’ hi-res 11×17 poster to print and distribute.


Giving Back at Christmas

Take a part of what you normally spend on Christmas gifts for family and friends and decide to share it with refugee families! Give a financial gift online: www.crwc.TO

Download the ‘Christmas Initiatives Guide’ hi-res poster to print and distribute.